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Admin integrity

There are a number of concerns with the integrity of the administration. There are a series of issues including miss-informing the public before the SAU budget vote. There is however one exe, but there is one that is a

There meeting on July 27th with the superintendent, the assistant superintendent, the chair of the joint board, and three members of the community; a parent of kids in the SAU, a grandparent of kids, and a NH state representative. During the meeting the state rep brought up concerns about a book that is called "This Book is Anti-Racist" going to middle schoolers during the coming year.

The administration responded by saying that the book was not meant for kids, it was just research. Now, we knew this to not be true, for one thing- they bought 200 copies. That is a lot of research.


Knowing and proving are different things. Thanks to recently released emails we can prove that this was intended for kids. You can see below that they talk about how the teachers will use the book in the classroom the coming year. Not "whether", but "how".

There are a number of other items in the latest release and we are still determining what to do, some may be referrals to NH Department of Education or to NH State Atorney. We will keep you updated!


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