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Declining Academics


As you can see, every single elementary school within SAU16 shows a drop in it's rankings.

Just a few short years ago CMS was ranked 8th in the state. It is now holding at 38th.  Many of us who moved here several years ago recall that EHS was ranked in the Top 3, but now it has fallen to 13th.

Superintendent, Dr. David Ryan, publicly attempted to defend CMS's rankings at the October 2021 Cooperative School Board meeting. Here is his unedited response which starts by him agreeing that the rankings are correct, but only if you are looking at "test scores".     Video here


Over the past few years we have heard our school boards and administration say that "X" is the most important thing that we can do for the education of our students. Well, "X" has been many things, but since Dr. Ryan became Superintendent, and under the current make-up of our multiple SAU16 school boards, it seems rather clear that "X" has never been about rigorous academics. That has to change.

How can you help?  Get out and vote on March 8, 2022.

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